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Gas boiler Installation

Replacement of gas boilers or new gas installations (Oil to gas conversion). We offer boilers with different warranty periods to suit your budget. 

Bathroom Refurbishment

Complete new bathrooms supplied and fitted. Sanitary ware, tiling, spotlights, etc. We take care of everything. Check out our blog posts.

Plumbing Service

Domestic plumbing & heating related work like replacing taps, radiators, outside taps, leaks, blocked drains, extensions and conversions to name but a few.


Dripping tap, broken waste pipe, sewage smell, broken flush, faulty heating, mouldy silicone, faulty shower. We fix all that sort of stuff.

Boiler Servicing

Comprehensive boiler servicing with yearly reminders to help with the safe and efficient running of one of the more important components in your home.
Plumbing Services - Keith from WM Plumbing servicing an oil boiler
Keith from WM Plumbing tiling a bathroom

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WM Plumbing's Questions & Answers...

What should I do in the event of a water leak?

A water leak can cause substantial damage. So when you get one in your home its important to know what you can do to reduce that damage.  If you have a water leak the first thing you should do is turn off the main stop valve to your home. This is normally located under your kitchen sink. 

Once you have turned off your stop valve place containers under the leaking water to prevent further damage. It can also help to open up any taps in your home. Then proceed to call Keith at WM Plumbing. Our plumbing service are local to Belfast & Lisburn and we are happy to help.

How can I fix a slow draining sink?

There are plenty of products at your local grocery store that can tackle slow draining or blocked sinks, shower trays and baths. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. 

If you find yourself with a stubborn blockage which store products can’t clear, then please call WM Plumbing and let us tackle the problem for you.

What guarantee do WM Plumbing provide with their plumbing service?

A standard one year guarantee is provided with our workmanship. We consider our work to be of the highest standard but if you do have any issues after we complete any work please call us. 

How much do you cost?

We charge a fixed price for each individual job. When you call us, we will either give you a rough total estimate over the phone, or we will arrange a time to visit your home to discuss further the work which you would like to have done. If the job is quite large we will give you a written quote.

Two points to remember. Firstly, we will not charge a fee without first letting you know what we intend to do. And secondly, you wont be billed for asking us to come and discuss work you would like to have done. You will only be billed once a price has been agreed and once the work has been completed unless otherwise is stipulated.

I have a dripping tap. What could I do to fix it?

A dripping tap is a common plumbing issue. Depending on ones level of expertise, it can be fixed by a non-professional. However, throughout the years taps have become more varied making finding the correct part to repair your tap more complicated. With that said, the easiest option may be to ring a professional like us at WM Plumbing.

What are WM Plumbings opening hours?

Our normal working week is from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. We know that this is not always suitable so in some cases we make allowances to work weekends and evenings. 

How long does it take to refurbish a bathroom suite?

The average bathroom suite would normally take between five to seven days to complete. As part of our plumbing service we offer a comprehensive design, supply and fit service. Find below the key elements to this service.

  • Professionally designed and fitted
  • Porcelain and ceramic, floor and wall tiling
  • Quality sanitary ware from brands like Sonas, My Life and Aqualla
  • High gloss PVC ceilings and LED downlights
  • Skips arranged for waste disposal
  • Indoor floors protected with durable Roll & Strol

As a customer, will I be asked or do I have the option to supply my own material and parts?

We prefer to supply our own material. This is is often the easiest for us. Preferences to certain products we will be taken into account when we supply. Allowing us to supply the material helps avoid any mistakes in ordering unsuitable products. In some cases, where products are relating to gas or oil, we insist on supplying the material.

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