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These chaps have gotten me out of a fix on more than one occasion. They replaced a gas boiler for me last month and they were efficient, very reasonably priced and to be honest, left my kitchen cleaner than they found it. I cannot recommend them enough.

Rachael Mckee

After having Keith do plumbing work for me, I will definitely be employing him again. He was a pleasure to have in my home, very polite, thorough, tidy and efficient. I shall be booking him very soon to service my gas boiler.

Iris Black

Absolutely super to deal with – I’ve hired Keith a few times to do work ranging from installing a new boiler to dealing with a blocked drain. He works quickly, is honest with his pricing and makes suggestions as to cheaper alternatives when discussing projects. Highly recommended!

Tanya H

Keith was professional and punctual, he did an absolutely brilliant job as well. Would thoroughly recommend to everyone.

Jonny Philpott

I’ve used Keith for a number of different jobs in the past and I’ve always been very happy with the service. Very honest, knowledgable and well priced. I would never go to anyone else. Highly recommend.

Niall Rubai

Recently Keith put in a new en suite for me. I am very pleased with the work he did. He was punctual and worked hard and left everything clean and tidy. I would recommend him as an honest and hard working tradesman.

Joyce Dunlop

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Help And Advice...

Can all plumbers work with gas boilers?

No. If you need work done relating to your gas boiler you should search for a plumber who is gas registered. A gas registered plumber will have completed the appropriate training, registration and will have valid insurance to work on gas systems. At WM Plumbing we are trained, registered and insured  to work on gas systems. Call us if you wish to speak about having gas installed or any other gas related query.

Is health & safety important at WM Plumbing?

Health & safety is paramount at WM Plumbing. We always keep a clean and tidy workplace, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are always at hand, safety training is undertaken and the correct tools are used to complete work safely.

You can be assured that the work will be completed safely if you decide to have WM Plumbing work in your home. Just check out our plumber reviews above.

Why do I have a sewage smell in my home?

Sewage smells can be very unpleasant. Fortunately they can sometimes be fixed without the help of a plumber. If you think you have a sewage smell in your home there are some things you can try before calling a plumber.

  • You can run the taps in your bath, basin, sink and shower to replenish the the water in the drains.
  • If you have cleaned your shower drain by taking it apart then make sure you replace all the parts as they were originally.
  • Try pouring some drain cleaner into each of you drains to help clear any built up debris.

If these suggestions fail then please call us on 07483 227 460.

Can all plumbers work on oil boilers?

In Northern Ireland you do not need to have certification to work on oil boilers. However, if you want peace of mind you should look for the OFTEC logo. OFTEC registered businesses have completed the appropriate training to ensure they are competent to work on your oil fired appliances.

I'm buying a house. Should I ask a plumber for his opinion?

Moving home is said to be the third most difficult experience in life. So it would be a sensible  decision to ask the opinion of a professional plumber before you decide to buy and move into a new property. 

We are not professional house surveyors. We are professional plumbers with great plumber reviews. As professional plumbers with years of experience we may be able to offer valuable insight into potential issues that may not be apparent to a house surveyor.

I have a slow leak. Should I call a plumber immediately?

Slow leaks can develop into larger leaks. So it may be best to repair the leak before it gets worse. Bare in mind that water leaks can cause substantial damage to property and what would have been a small cost could potentially be a much larger one.  Get in touch with WM Plumbing if you have a slow leak.

My heating will not turn off. What can I do?

This is a common fault on heating systems which utilise motorised valves. This is a fault that needs to be rectified by a professional plumber. You can override the heating system controls and turn off you heating system by locating and switching off the dedicated fuse spur switch for your heating system.  The fuse spur is normally located beside your time clock or beside your hot water cylinder.  Call WM Plumbing for more help and advice.

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